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By Jeremy 'Woodshed' Brown

March 01, 2013 @ 7:13pm

Sound Blaster Heroes League Schedule

By Crowslaw

Starting next week the Sound Blaster Heroes League will be presenting its daily coverage on coLcast and HoNCast. Beginning Monday March 4th, Beef and coLcast will be casting the first four games, before HoNCast takes over casting on Wednesday and Thursday. The following Monday, March 11th coLcast returns, with HoNCast covering the rest of the matches after that on Tuesday, March 12th through Thursday, March 14th.

The matches will be cast at 1/4pm EST, 4/7pm PST, 18:00/22:00 CET Monday, March 4th through Thursday, March 14th with the first round on the 4th through to the Finals taking place on the 14th.

Round of 16

Monday March 4th
1pm - [357]Q sQuad 357 versus nxl> Focus eSports
4pm - [LION]Lions eSportsKlubb versus [PNIS]Pencils

Tuesday March 5th
1pm [ORGE]Orange eSports versus [AiD]Afraid(CutForBieber)
4pm [sG]Stay Green versus (the replacements, tbd)

Wednesday March 6th
1pm [coL]compLexityGaming versus [BYE]A HonTour Team
4pm [TteS]Tt eSPORTS versus [oo7]We Are Spies

Thursday March 7th
1pm [Pika]Pikachu(The 4 friends and Buch) versus Cats gaming
4pm [tdM]Trademark eSports versus [xCet]Team Excellent

Going into these matches we will be seeing many new face-offs that we haven’t had the chance to witness yet. nxl> Focus eSports, Orange eSports and Cats Gaming are all SEA and CIS teams that have not had the chance to participate in matches versus NA/EU teams for a while. This tournament allows these matches to happen. Here are some quotes from players and casters alike who are looking forward to this tournament.

LeonBlack` of Tt eSports: "I feel we have the toughest bracket having to go through the gauntlet again of potentially oo7->coL->tdM->SG. But I still think we have a good chance to make another deep run in this tournament; team morale is very high and we feel like we can compete with every team on any given day. It will be hard to fully practice for this as Tralf is moving to Canada in the upcoming week, but I'm sure a surprise appearance from wyt` always makes for a good game!"

"Though our absolute focus is []HoN Tour[/url] top four and ultimately going to Las Vegas. We feel very confident versus our toughest competition at the moment in QsQ and LION but we still won't overlook them or any other teams as they all have the potential to be great."

BreakyCPK of HoNCast: "I love the unique factor of this event, how it incorporates teams from all over the world in an online atmosphere. We have the best teams we know from NA/EU, but we also have teams from SEA and CIS and get to see how they compete. Also, the coverage between us and coLcast and how we are covering every single match makes this event epic!"

Beef of coLcast: "For the last 3 months the Sound Blaster Heroes League has been at the top of my plate. Helping to run such an extraordinary event has been an incredible experience and the final bracket is the cherry on top. We have brought in teams from NA, EU, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Russian/CIS regions to participate in one of the most competitive and lucrative online tournaments that HoN has ever seen. By broadcasting every match of the 16-team event we will make sure that these rare, global match-ups are available for all to see. When you have this many wild cards in the event it’s impossible to predict who will come out on top, but in the end only one team can win. The rest? They'll have to try again next time."

Jollem of Afraid: ”Our first match versus ORGE is the match we're most focused on the most, since we face sG after them and it will be a tricky one. We plan to prove ourselves by winning over the best SEA team in the world and try to run some more personal strategies against them.

Team morale is kind of shifting from day to day, sometimes we're playing really well and sometimes on the level of a gold team, hopefully we will have a good run"

Dirtymobs of We Are Spies: "We're planning on showing what we're capable of with our new 5th, Cakes. Last few times we've been casted have been with 1) Tralf trying out (which was not a good fit onto the team) and 2) In #2 GSL when we didn't have Rookie and I was forced off of support (The only role I'm comfortable with). So we feel like the community has this view that we've lost our touch since losing Present, because in both those casts we didn't do too hot. So we're finally excited to show that our new roster going into Diamond and SBHL is stronger and better than people think of us.

SBHL is really exciting with what Soundblaster and Creative are doing and I've loved the idea of inviting some teams and making others do qualifier tournaments. The prize pool in this tournament is incredibly high and the fact that every match gets casted makes this a big deal for every team. Ttes will be a tough opponent especially with Tralf on their roster, but we're confident against anyone we face and we'll be well prepared for Ttes in SBHL. oo7's team morale is that we feel very good going into Diamond and SBHL after winning another Gold tournament; we even have had time to scrim some this week (something we've literally never done in the past)."

Emperor of Domain Of Pain, Heroes Of Newerth Caster: “I hope that the SBHL gives the international teams a chance to shine and get some time in the spotlight. I can't wait to see ORGE kick some ass again—it's been a while! :)”

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- Crowslaw

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