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By Jeremy 'Woodshed' Brown

November 16, 2012 @ 11:46am

HoNCast Community Rankings 11/15

On the Verge
11. Dendis jungldevos - 8
12. Pencils - 6
13. Fortune Bakery - 6
14. Call It Karma – 2

(*A #1 vote = 10 points)

Voters: Sender (V0TE), Fantasy (, wza (S2), Franzzii (coL), Pew (DrDz), DawZ_ (CM), SoLeN (Pika), Snoopy (HoN Tour), xanderK (S2), chuck64 (HoN Tour), BreakyCPK (HCT), Fittske (DoP)

coL on Top

As expected, the Champion of the DreamHack Online Summer Championship and the DreamHack Redemption tournament is on top of the community rankings, receiving all twelve votes for that position.

The absolutely dominant team of the last month is not only on top of these rankings, but is looking to get on top of the DreamHoN tournament in Sweden as well. Everyone is betting on them—Tralfamadore is even betting his hair—and if we would have odds in Vegas, you would probably one receive a small reward when placing your money on the American organization.

Recent weeks of major tournaments, scrims, and the overall perception of the squad with individually great players in their respective positions is just too much to handle for opposing teams so far, earning them the uncontested Number One spot in these rankings.

Playing Catch-Up

The last weeks of competition have also showed us there are four teams in line after compLexity Gaming. Trademark eSports, Tt eSports, Gary Johnson and Q sQuad are within just 20 points in the rankings, with a gap of more than 40 points the sixth place.

Everyone is expecting those teams to do well and most of the voters are currently seeing Trademark eSports closest to the dominators around bkid. TdM had to fight for their spot, placing second in the OSC and in Redemption. They have a comfortable lead of 11 points over Tt eSports, who barely edged out Gary Johnson 2012 and QsQ for the third-place finish.

The fact that Tt eSports did not only finish second for two consecutive DreamHack events, but was also featured on the Podium in the Redemption and OSC tournament has earned them a little bit more trust and slightly more votes in the race against swindlemelonzz and his gang and NoVa’s QsQ.

One of those four teams is likely going to fall in the DreamHoN Winter Group Stage as places two, three and five will all compete in Group B—who will fall out?

New Teams on the Rise

Lions eSports, Domain of Pain, Pikachu and Vitriolic Gaming are all relatively new teams or teams with a modified lineup that played their way into the top spots of the rankings with splendid performances in the HoN Tour qualifier. All three teams have already booked a seed in the Diamond Division, despite all not being relevant for the DreamHoN tournament next week.

Lions came close to the playoffs in all three qualifying events, Domain of Pain (former Returners) were one map victory away from the Deathmatch in the Destination tournament, and Pikachu fell twice to Tt eSports in Round Two of the Lower Bracket while Vitriolic Gaming reached the playoffs in the OSC event, upsetting Tt eSports in the first match. However, they have substituted players and are now looking to strengthen their position in HoN Tour and solidifying their status in these community rankings.

International HoN?

With the HoN World Cup on the horizon, a lack of international HoN teams is apparent in these Community Rankings. Only one team from outside the international client has received significant votes as Orange eSports received 30 points, getting them into the Top 10.

The SEA team showed strides against teams like compLexity Gaming in the Redemption tournament. They have been very active in scrims recently and are looking to improve their standing in the Community Rankings with a stud performance at the Elmia.

The question is if other international teams will make a name for themselves when teams like vTi MSi Dynasty, paiN Gaming Razer, Team MRR or Cats gaming are competing the the top class from America and Europe.

On the Verge

Last but not least are four teams that scratched the Top 10 ranks. Those teams have mostly either formed and reformed recently or shown some inconsistency in the last couple of weeks.

Pencils and Fortune Bakery have new lineups for HoN Tour and look really promising for the future. They are just one victory away from the Diamond Division, proving their talent and skill to the world.

The second category fits for PUDG as they have been around for a while now, but have shown little consistency. PUDG was able to surprise the world in the DreamHoN Redemption tournament, where they marched all the way to the playoffs.

Unfortunately that positive performance was followed by them failing to qualify for the group stage of Destination DreamHoN, leaving a stain on their record. Now they have rebounded and are not only on the cusp of the Top 10, but also on the verge of the coveted Diamond Division.

Last but not least is Call It Karma, a team that came into the spotlight by qualifying for the OSC tournament and showing promise in those matches. They have been competitive in the matches with great teams, but so far they haven't found a way to win them. A qualification into the mighty Diamond Division could provide a steady practice atmosphere with the best competition in the world.

- Sören "Fantasy"

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