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By Kyle 'Beef' Bautista

July 15, 2013 @ 4:07pm

Captain's Pick Revealed

We announced on Friday that S2 balance designer, DOGKaiser, would be revealing a new picking mode for HoN Tour Season 2 on Monday. As the new week arrived we looked toward the Honcast Podcast where he revealed the mode, Captain’s Pick.

As DOGKaiser came on he explained issues with picking like the potentially slow and boring pace of some drafting modes. The new Captain’s Pick is fast paced with each team making one decision at a time instead of two which helps move things along. He also stated that he would be reducing picking times from a normal 16 minutes to approx 12 minutes.

This is something that people have been asking to be implemented for a while now, so with the addition of Captain’s Pick it now comes down to the players. With how familiar to people are with Lockpick it will take time to fully grasp and learn Captains Pick in a Heroes of Newerth environment.

Captains Pick as released by DOGKaiser:

Banning Phase 1: 4 bans, 2 per team, alternating bans, 25 seconds limit per ban

Picking Phase 1: 6 picks, 3 per team, alternating picks, 30 seconds limit per pick

Banning Phase 2: 6 bans, 3 per team, alternating bans, 25 seconds limit per ban

Picking Phase 2: 4 picks, 2 per team, alternating Bans, 30 seconds limit per pick

Reserve time: 80 secs per team

Wait time before game starts: 30 secs

Total max time: 740 secs or 12 mins 20 secs

For those of you who are not familiar with other MOBAs, this is near identical to what DOTA 2 formerly used as their Captains Mode prior to the April patch that changed it to 2/2/1 instead of 2/3 bans 3/2 picks. A question I raised when I first heard about it was that why did they not go with the 2/2/1 banning and picking system. In the end like I stated this would be up to the players to decide how they choose to form their lineups.

Stay tuned for more info about the upcoming balance patches and tune into Honcast, Team stayGreen Cast, and coLcast over the next few days for the HoN Invitational: Sponsored by Honcast Subscribers.

About The Author: Richard “Crowslaw” Elder

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