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By Kyle 'Beef' Bautista

July 08, 2013 @ 9:57pm

Ultimate Series: Pandasoul - Preview

This Tuesday the Ultimate Series continues with the third installment, Pandasoul. 64 eager teams are looking to this event as one of the last chances to practice in a competitive environment before HoN Tour Season 2 begins at the end of this month. The tournament will feature a best of three, single elimination format over the course of three days. The finals, scheduled for Thursday, will determine who walks away with the lion’s share of 25,000 Gold Coins and the 15 Ultimate Pandasoul avatars up for grabs. As always Honcast, the premier Heroes of Newerth casting crew, will cover the most interesting matchups. Additionally coLcast with Beef and Team stayGreen Casters Mangy and Dan will be on hand to cover matches leading up to the tournament finals.

The event match-ups once again seem promising. Despite the numerous high-level teams that plan to compete there is still room for less experienced teams to make a deep run. Check out the bracket here, at There will be many great matches but take a look at these important day one battles:

[vdT]Vietnamese Dream is playing against [Ao5]Army of Five in the first round. Two weeks ago the Ultimate Series ended for vdT with the finals in sight, so expect them to be highly motivated for gold in Pandasoul.

[oo7]We Are Spies still have to prove themselves, as they dropped out early in the previous event. This time they face [VS]Victorious Secret in the first round. Provided the American squad wins their first two matches, they will likely meet [ML]Mein Land in the third round for a rematch against the team that put a stop to their Ultimate Monkey King hopes.

Further down the bracket [DCx]Justice League will square off against [CAI]Cold As Ice in a match that should be just a warmup for the European powerhouse. Justice league has looked strong in both previous Ultimate Series tournaments and appears to be on a roll going into Pandasoul.

Other teams have less challenging roads in the opening rounds. [xCet]Team Excellent will play against [Wjat]Wjat on Newerth, [iGee]Internet Gangsters takes on [HAX]Jaktlag, and Jollem’s [loco]Locomotives will need to best [sLi]Team smoothlife. The latter two high-level teams are slated to meet each other in the quarterfinals if a team on the rise doesn’t cause an upset.

Finally we have the new all-star team, [MVIP]Too Much Sugar, playing against [Peng]SideStep Penguins. KheZu’s new squad has proven that they are a team built on more than just raw skill as they showed off their teamwork in the previous Ultimate Series event. Their second place finish against LIONS in the last tournament proved their mettle and it's pretty certain we will see more of them. Their major bracket opponent appears to be [WORK]Brb 3 min, the team captained by [Qut]TPSPriceless. With the recent return of old school HoN star SemiJew it is up to Brb 3 to stop MVIP from blasting through the bracket and straight into the semi-finals.

Notably, teams like [LION]Lions eSportsKlubb and [Kuse]Boldeknepperne (composed largely of former PUDG members) have decided to not participate in this installment of the Ultimate Series. They could be looking for some free time before the competitive season ramps up over the next weeks or they feel they don’t need the practice going into events like the Alienware Challenge and HoN Tour Season 2 at the end of the month.

All in all, this tournament is going to be a lot of fun once again, Good luck and have fun to all players!

Be sure to tune in to Honcast all week for continuing coverage of the Ultimate Series and your chance to win the newest Ultimate Avatar, Pandasoul.

Coverage starts at 12pm EDT/1800 CEST, Tuesday with the Ro64.
Team stayGreen

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