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By 'Emperor'

May 10, 2013 @ 2:50pm

Dreamhack Summer Qualifiers SEA + NA/EU Stream Info

Starting tomorrow May 11th both the NA/EU scene and Garena SEA will be competing for their chance to go to Sweden this Summer. Beginning tonight at 11pm EDT, 8pm PDT, 5:00 CEST Beef and Emperor will be presenting some Garena Qualifier games throughout part of the night on !

Though don't expect them to go all night, Garena has their own casters to cover once they take their leave for some much needed sleep. Starting tomorrow morning at 12 EDT, 9 PDT, 18:00 CEST the Round of 128 kicks off with Breaky and Emperor casting on Honcast with Beef also casting on compLexityHoN.

Be sure to check the Dreamhack Qualifer Info post for other times and days of matches throughout the week long tournament.

Stay tuned tomorrow to see how teams you may be following throughout HoN Tour Season One and cheer them onto victory. QsQ, Lions, Stay Green, compLexity and Afraid are all competing for those 2 spots open through this qualifier, with many teams under them also seeking an opportunity or an upset to be able to go to the world stage in Dreamhack. Team YeYe, Clan Milk, Team Excellent, Justice League, We Are Spies are just some of the underdog teams coming into this event so keep an eye on them as they splash back onto the scene since HoN Tour Season One ended.


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